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Hypnobirthing for all births.

Dear Maureen, I just wanted to send a quick
email to say thank you to you- I took your hypnobirthing course back in 2014 while pregnant with my first baby. I’ve just delivered my third baby a few days ago - all 3 were water births using the hypnobirthing techniques you taught me, all with only gas and air for pain relief, no complications, no tears. I can’t thank you enough for the help and confidence your course gave me to give birth naturally and without fear!
Thanks again and take care
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Hypnobirthing - A Powerful Story.

Shannon lives in the US and took my virtual HB course:

While I was pregnant with Ellis, I knew there was a chance Matt wouldn't be able to attend the birth. I also knew I would need to have tools at my disposal to achieve my goals for Ellis's birth on my own. So when
Maureen Collins
offered to teach me The Hypnobirthing Method, I jumped at the chance. Her classes helped me mentally prepare for birthing on my own or with a partner, gave me tools for managing labor, and ultimately allowed me to achieve my goals for Ellis's birth.
When it turned out that Matt couldn't be there, I was so thankful for Maureen and the wisdom she graciously bestowed upon me.

From driving myself to the hospital (while in labor!) to "catching" Ellis myself, I was ready for it all. I had an empowered, peaceful, positive birthing experience and can't recommend Maureen and The Hypnobirthing Method enough.A
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Birth Story

I couldn’t recommend Maureen more. The hypnobirthing course was amazing and she made it so easy to understand and gave us all the facts and information that we needed to feel prepared, empowered and confident throughout our birth. She demystified so much about birth and gave us some fantastic tools that we utilized throughout it. These tools were so helpful and kept us in control and grounded where needed. Her support throughout the course was brilliant and afterwards I went to her to go through our birth story and she helped me to make peace with some parts of it. I loved the way that my partner was fully included in the entire process and he was completely supportive of using all the hypnobirthing tools, something that he was slightly skeptical of beforehand. I now recommend hypnobirthing to anyone that will listen, and I would highly recommend having Maureen taking you through the course.


Thanks again and I’ll be in touch for baby number 2 (one day!)


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Birth Photography

We are now offering birth photography. As a birth photographer my role is to capture the raw essence of birth in a quiet unobtrusive way – a pictorial account of this special day for you, your child and your family, how amazing to have this forever record of the most precious time in your life.  Take a look at our birth photography page and contact me to book your session or if you need more information. 

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We have produced a booklet that covers all you need to know to have a positive birth experience.  For the cost of £5 we can email you the pdf document. This book is divided into sections covering:
Mind Body Connection - The Physiological Process- Rhythm and Flow of Labour- Special Circumstances - Remaining in Control including Consent to Care and BRAIN analogy - Breathing Exercises and Techniques for remaining Calm and Comfortable. If you would like a copy please contact me You do not have to have taken our HB course to request your copy.
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