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Our philosophy is to empower you to reproductive autonomy, to take control of your birthing process and for you and your partner to be central in decision making. How do we do this - through ensuring everything we teach is evidenced based, is current and is in a language you understand - Knowledge is power! There is a saying: ‘You cannot direct the winds but you can adjust your sails.’ - we do not know what direction your birth will take but we can ensure you will be in control.

We believe in a woman’s innate ability to grow, nurture and birth her baby but as midwives we also recognise that some women will experience special circumstances. That normality is subjective; it’s not always about a normal birth, it may be caesarean section, breech birth, or twins. Whatever your normality is we are there to develop your personal road map to success. Our courses are about a fulfilling birth experience for you, your partner and your family. Life’s journey begins at birth, our goal is to ensure that you are in control, confident and content.

Respect for Human Rights and Reproductive Autonomy is at the core of everything we teach.

All our courses are delivered by experienced midwives - please contact us and let us know how we can support you to achieve the birth you want.


Maureen Collins

Midwife – Mother – Grandmother – Passionate Advocate for True Choice in Maternity Care

I have been a midwife for 40 years and worked in both hospital and community settings. I have managed a Midwife Led Unit, was an Associate Lecturer, a Supervisor of Midwives Head of Governance, Head of Midwifery for One to One Midwives and currently work as a Midwifery Consultant and a HB teacher/trainer. 

I have also worked in the USA for seven years and it was there that I very first heard about the amazing childbirth programme called Hypnobirthing.

I started my journey into Hypnobirthing fifteen years ago when I trained in the Marie Mongan method, I have also trained in the UK KGH model. I have supported over 1500 couples to achieve the birth they wanted – a happy birth memory that last’s a life time.  I have also written a Royal College of Midwives Accredited Hypnobirthing course for a midwifery organisation. 

Throughout my career my focus has been on ensuring that all women have access to ethical maternity care, that their human rights are respected and that they are empowered to take control of their birth.

I have been invited to speak at conferences both in the UK, US, Hong Kong and China, I have taught Hypnobirthing to midwives in the UK, Hong Kong and China. I have had articles published in the British Journal of Midwifery and MIDIRS.

A long rewarding career with experience in all aspect of maternal and child health. With me you will get the benefit of that experience, my undivided attention, supporting you every step of your pregnancy to birth and beyond.


Jeanette Jones

I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a wife, a mother, more recently a proud grandparent and for the last 25 years a very happy practising midwife. I love life and all that it brings.

Throughout my career as a midwife I have always believed in continuity and the overall benefits that this can provide a woman and her family. My ethos is that all women should have a positive pregnancy experience regardless of outcome. To me it is so important for each woman to be empowered, to feel in control and to ‘have a voice and be heard’.

I have been described by colleagues, friends and family as approachable, kind, caring, friendly, attentive, dedicated and passionate. I initially trained as a nurse but once I gave birth to my children, the experience (both the good and bad) made me realise that I wanted to be a midwife and I have never looked back.

My career pathway has provided me with a wealth of valuable learning and developmental experiences; from rotational midwife in the hospital setting, community midwife, team leader, labour ward coordinator, advanced midwife practitioner on a busy labour ward suite, senior manager in a private midwifery service, risk manager, antenatal and newborn screening midwife and hypnobirthing practitioner; my focus has always been to put the woman and her family at the centre of all that I do, to listen to women and provide the best possible service that I can for the women and families under my care.

As a midwife and a coach, I continue to provide the on-going personal support for women as they traverse the exciting sometimes daunting journey of becoming a parent.

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