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First Time Mama Home Birth Story

Hi Maureen,
I hope you’re okay.
We just wanted to share with you the amazing news of our baby birth on the 29th August, same day as my birthday 🥳 
I barely had an early labour stage, or if I did I didn’t notice it… irregular contractions started 4 pm and by 5 pm I had regular and established contractions. By 8 pm I noticed the urge to push as my breathing changed and we called the midwife. 9:30 pm the midwife did a vaginal examination that quickly confirmed that I was fully dilated and the head was visible.
Due to some logistics problems and the speed of the labour the birth pool wasn’t quite ready until 10 pm so I waited with some gas air help… I jumped, in and after some down breathing and a few pushes Alma was born by 11:15 pm.
She was 3.64 Kg, no complications, no tearing, breastfeeding and lots of skin to ski  within the golden hour and placenta came out naturally.
The Labour was 7 hours approx, which made it quite shocking but hypnobirthing helped us to get through it in a stage of hypnosis and to relax and stay in control of my mind the whole time! 
Thanks a lot for your help in empowering us with knowledge, tools and attitudes that helped us to make of this a wonderful and incredible positive experience!
We are amazed by the fact that this way of birthing is not so popular and we are happy to give any further feedback or support in promoting positive births!
Jael, David and Alma
Third Hypnobirthing Baby!
Home Birth

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