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Amazing Hypnobirth

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy and birthing thanks to the education and empowerment I/we found through hypnobirthing. 
Whilst my pregnancy and labour was not what society would deem "normal" or "conventional" (I'm not sure there is a "text book" version of this as we are all different, see the world through multiple lens', have different expectations and let's face it, our babies come on their and our bodies terms!) I/we were able to remain calm and maintain control (within my/our gift) of the experience. Maureen Collins was a fantastic coach for my husband and I, I would thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing.
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Positive Birth

Dear Maureen I still can’t believe the birth and how much joy and happiness I feel following my birth .I couldn’t have had a better birth which I feel so lucky to have achieved.  Thank you so much.
Orla xx
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Jennie and James

Hi Maureen
I just wanted to let you know that our baby boy has arrived. He was a vbac breech home birth!
It was lovely and i couldn't of done it with out hypnobirthing so thank you very much for helping us.
Jennie and James x
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Nicola, Colin and Marley

Hi Maureen,
We just wanted to share our birth story with you and any mums-to-be considering hypnobirthing. We had a beautiful, calm and relaxed home birth without any complications just as planned. I even went into labour on my due date just as I'd visualised, I am now truly amazed at the power of the mind! Colin and i enjoyed our time with you very very much, your support and expertise are second to none and i would highly recommend your sessions to any expectant mums...i would say though that you have to practise as much as you can leading up to the birth as it definitely pays off! Such a positive experience for all 3 of us.
Keep up the good work Maureen!
Lots of love Nicola, Colin and Marley xxx
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Best money we have ever spent

Maureen, we can't thank you enough, what an amazing experience five hours in total. I never thought I would say that I really enjoyed giving birth, so calm, so relaxed, John was brilliant! We love hypnobirthing and feel so lucky to have found you, that has to be the best money we have ever spent!
Love Becks and John
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