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Baby Euan

Hello Maureen,
Hope you're well? Just thought I'd update you that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 2nd January at 9.16pm at home and with only paracetamol!
I was exactly 42 weeks pregnant on 2nd Jan and was due to be induced that day, but after having a scan and finding that everything was fine with baby and I health wise I cancelled it. And I'm so glad I did! I started having mild surges a 4am every 15 minutes but these would stop and start, so we went to Morrisons and stocked up on food during the day, had a sleep and by 4pm the surges had returned. By 5pm they were 10 minutes apart, and by 5.30pm they were 5 minutes apart. Rebecca (our amazing midwife!) arrived sometime around 6 ish and at this time I felt like there was no break in between the surges as they were lasting about 2 minutes. I got into the birthing pool at about 8.30pm and by 9.16pm Euan Patrick Kelly had arrived very alert and very peaceful (and with no stitches required for me!).
The black and white photo is Euan 1 hour old, and he is still a very calm and content little man at 9 days old today. We're both doing well and just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice in the hypnobirthing classes. Chris and my Mum were a massive support throughout labour and without them and the hypnobirthing techniques we learned in class I don't think I'd of managed to have the labour that I wanted - at home, and as natural as possible.
Hope you're well, and hope this is another birth story you can share with future pupils to prove the power of hypnobirthing.
Carla & Chris Kelly
Baby George Henry

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