At the Birth Coaching Company we recognise that one size doesn't fit all. Sometimes we have specific goals that we want to reach or challenges we are endeavouring to overcome. While our birthing classes cover everything you will need to know to achieve a calm, comfortable, empowering birth, they follow a designed format and that may not be what you are looking for at this time. Therefore, we can offer you a personalised road map to birth, one that plans out your personal journey with you and your partner working together with your coach to identify and achieve your goals.

Our aim is to unlock your inner birth goddess, to set you on a path to a positive birth experience, one where you are central to decision making, in control, confident and content.

Our coaches are qualified midwives with many years' experience supporting women and their partners. They know how to help you to define your vision, to motivate and empower you, but most of all they will energise you to take control of your birth process.

We offer personal coaching in ways to suit your lifestyle and budget. Meetings can take place in your home, office, café for tea and a chat – whatever/wherever works best for you.

  • Face to Face
  • Via Skype
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Combination of the above



Face to Face - 1-1 with your coach at a time and place to suit you - one and half hour session is £75

Skype/Zoom session only - minimum one hour £60

Unlimited email, text and telephone support package - £100 per month


Combination package can be negotiated to suit your needs and/or your budget.

We are also happy to discuss postnatal support with home visits at a price to suit your budget. 


You will undergo an initial assessment with your coach. Together you will identify your goals, discuss your personal journey and plan your road map to success.


We also offer Antenatal decsision making session via telephone or zoom. Free 15 minute Consultation. This  session will help you take control of your birth whatever the circumstances - you will have an empowering session with an experienced midwife, this will be followed up with evidenced based information and current research sent to you via email.


Zoom £55 per session

Face to Face £75 per session

You do not need to be taking one of our courses to request this service.

Postnatal Care: 

We also offer online postnatal care including a Post Birth Reflection via Skype/Zoom at £55 per 1 hour session. If you have taken our hypnobirthing or birth coaching course then the cost for postnatal care is reduced to £35 per session.

Postnatal Face to Face £75 per session - reduced to £55 for people who have taken our HB course 

You do not need to have completed one of our courses to request a postnatal care or post birth reflection. 

Kayley ' Birth Story

Hi Maureen,

Just an email to inform you of the safe arrival of our gorgeous Rosie. She was born in the women’s on 19th May.
I started with surges Wednesday evening only lasting a few hours and this happened the same time again each evening until Saturday evening when they continued. Saturday evening they started after I had put bobby to bed. I sat and ate some dinner, watched some TV then headed to bed. I slept for a few hours and then got into the bath around 1am. Around 3am we decided to make our way to the hospital.
I was 5 cm when I arrived. My waters hadn’t gone and the midwife thought baby felt back to back. Due to this being the case withy first birth and that taking 17hrs of active labour, I decided not to get into the pool straight away. I spent the next 4/5hours on the ball, walking around the room, up and down the corridors.  Surges started to come thick and fast so I got into the pool and around 1hr30 later Rosie was born in the water which was amazing. She came out so calm, staring straight at myself and Graham. No screaming as we experienced with bobby, she was so content.
Once again, thanks so much for all you guidance. We couldn’t have done it with all your support and vast amount of knowledge!!
Kayley xx

We are really pleased to offer face to face indiviual sessions in your own home at a time to suit you. Group classes will be reinstated soon, in the meantime we have reduced the cost of the private individual course: see course details below. 

We have produced a booklet that covers all you need to know to have a positive birth experience. For the cost of £5 we can email you the pdf document. This book is divided into sections covering:
Mind Body Connection - The Physiological Process- Rhythm and Flow of Labour- Special Circumstances - Remaining in Control including Consent to Care and BRAIN analogy - Breathing Exercises and Techniques for remaining Calm and Comfortable. You do not have to have taken our HB course to request your copy. If you would like a copy please contact me

Group sessions - Four face to face sessions, with an additional skype refresher session close to your birthing day.

Private sessions- Four face to face sessions in the comfort of your home, at a time that is flexible to fit around your lifestyle. The fifth refresher session can be conducted either in your home or via skype whichever works for you. 

Skype/Zoom course - Four sessions through the online medium of Skype or Zoom at a time to suit your schedule.  The content of the course will be the same as the face to face course. An additional refresher session will also be available close to your birthing day. 

The BCC HypnoBirthing course combines an understand of the physiological process – what it means to be a woman - together with self-hypnosis, and the ability to deeply relax and let go. When you birth in an atmosphere of calm relaxation free of fear, your body will release the loving hormone oxytocin, this together with endorphins will ensure a calm, relaxed, enjoyable birth. I will teach you the rhythm and flow of your body as it journeys through labour, connecting your mind and your body together with your baby, giving you the confidence to birth the way nature intended you to do. Your birthing partner will be empowered to be part of the birthing process to encourage you, to support you and to advocate for you. This birth belongs to you both, it is your birthing memory that will last a lifetime, it’s my job to make it a happy one. 

With HypnoBirthing:

  • You will gain an understanding of how the birthing muscles work in perfect harmony as they were designed to do when your body is sufficiently relaxed and when you trust in yourself and the birthing process;
  • You will learn how to achieve deep relaxation, using your natural birthing instincts for a calm, serene and comfortable birth; You'll learn how to release the fears and anxieties you may currently have about giving birth, and how to overcome previous traumatic births;
  • HypnoBirthing also empowers your birthing partner, giving both parents the confidence, tools and knowledge to experience birth as nature intended;
  • When you have your baby with Hypnobirthing, you will not be in a trance or a sleep. What you will experience is similar to the daydreaming;
  • HypnoBirthing supports you discover and experience the joy and magic of birth;
  • You and your partner will be empowered to remain in control whatever turn your birthing takes;
  • Included in the course is the benefit of my forty years experience as a midwife by offering support and advice throughout your pregnancy via email/telephone/text

Face to Face  Private sessions - was £350 reduced to £275

Zoom Private sessions - £225 with a free optional refersher session close to your birthing day..

Skype or Zoom at £70 per single session or four sessions for £225 - this will also include continuous email  support.

Zoom HB refresher session £75 for couples who have taken HB classes with previous pregnancy.


If this does not work for you please contact us so we can work with you to develop sessions to meet your needs and budget.

HypnoBirthing Course Dates. For 2021

Face to Face courses are two consecutive Saturdays 9:30 am-3:30 pm. Venue is Elm Hall Drive Church - L18 1LF (just off Penny Lane). Suspended until further notice

Face to Face or Zoom Courses are four consecutive weeks for around two hours per session with a 5th referesher session included in the price.

Please contact me with your requests. 

We also offer Antenatal decsision making session via telephone, zoom or face to face. Free 15 minute Consultation. This session will help you take control of your birth whatever the circumstances - you will have an empowering session with an experienced midwife, this will be followed up with evidenced based information and current research sent to you via email.


Zoom £55 per session.

Face to Face £75 per session

You do not need to be taking one of our courses to request this service.

Postnatal Care:  

Skype/Zoom - We also offer online postnatal care including a Post Birth Reflection via Skype/Zoom at £55 per 1 hour session. If you have taken our hypnobirthing or birth coaching course then the cost for postnatal care is reduced to £35 per session via Zoom


Postnatal Face to Face £75 per session - reduced to £55 for people who have taken our HB course 


You do not need to have completed one of our courses to request a postnatal care or post birth reflection. 


We are happy to discuss a package tailored to your needs or budget, just gives us a call. 




Birth Photography.


If you have read my bio you will know that I have been a midwife for 40 years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both for home and hospital birth.  I am also an amateur photographer.  Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years and birth photography is something I’ve wanted to offer for a long time.  The cost to you for this service is reflected in the fact that I am new to this part of the birth journey but as with midwifery I will do my upmost to ensure that this momentous time in your life will be everything you want it to be.  

As a midwife and a Hypnobirthing teacher I understand the importance of the birthing environment - that sacred private space where you and your partner journey together in a flow of Oxytocin to welcome your child into the world.  Experiencing the most profound emotions unlike anything you have every felt before – the moment of birth when you meet your baby for the first time. 

As a birth photographer my role is to capture those emotions, the raw essence of birth in a quiet unobtrusive way – a pictorial account of this special day for you, your child and your family, how amazing to have this forever record of the most precious time in your life. 


How does it work?


I would like to meet you during your pregnancy so we can work out your plan and expectations

I will then go on-call from 38 weeks until you birth.  When you are in established labour, I will be ready to join you and start recording your journey through labour until the baby is born and for a short time after.

Within a few hours of birth, you will have an image or two to share with family and friends

Within 7 days I will share your high-quality digital images with you. Birth photographs are both colour and black and white. Black and white photographs capture the innate beauty and the raw emotionof birth. 




£500 for the birth photography session - includes the initial antenatal meeting, being on-call and your high-quality digital images. 

£700 Birth photography and the face to face private Hypnobirthing course.


We are happy to discuss a package tailored to your needs or budget, just gives us a call. 





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We would notify all clients of the breach, explaining what had happened and what steps we had taken to prevent future occurrence.

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