Four Sessions 2 hours per session

These classes are designed around the traditional antenatal education but with the BCC philosophy of empowering you to informed decision making. You can attend all four or drop in on a class that takes your interest, or a class where you feel you need more information.


Session 1 - Positive Pregnancy, Positive Birth
  • Positive mindset
  • Pregnancy journey
  • Understanding the physiological pathway and the balance of hormones
  • Fear Tension Pain and the effect on birth
  • Remaining calm and relaxed


Session 2 - Birth Journey - Rhythm and Flow of Labour
  • Journey to Birth
  • Early labour physiology
  • Active rhythm of Labour and birth
  • Transition from womb to earth


Session 3 - My Birth - Remaining in Control
  • Planning your birth - writing your birth wishes
  • Reproductive Autonomy and Human Rights
  • Consent and Control
  • Using the B.R.A.I.N Analogy


Session 4 - Early Care
  • Early infant care
  • Feeding - Breast and Artificial
  • Taking care of me - postnatal care and exercise
  • Discussions - Bath Time, Bed Time, Our Time



£140 for the course or £40 per session

Venue is Elm Hall Drive Church - L18 1LF (just off Penny Lane).


2020 Course Dates

Sessions take place on a Thursday 12-2pm at Elm Hall Drive Church, 



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