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Baby Henry

Hi Maureen,
Wanted to let you know that we now have a gorgeous baby boy called Henry. He arrived 12 days after his due date, on Saturday morning.... at home!! I can't tell you how happy I am that we managed the birth at home and how lovely the whole experience was. I am so grateful that you encouraged us to go for it.
After hiring the birth pool and making all plans etc, once I started to go more and more overdue, I was wondering if the home birth was going to be possible afterall. Luckily my midwife was really positive about it and kept on telling me not to count days.
On Friday, when I was 11 days over, I started having mild sensations in the afternoon.I kept it to myself though as didn't want to tempt fate in case it was a false alarm. I had a big sleep in the afternoon to conserve energy. When I woke up about 8pm the sensations had gone so I was a bit down hearted. Anyway I couldn't sleep then so after Paul and Violet went to bed, I lay awake watching Downton Abbey. By the 3rd episode (about 2.30am) I was having mild period pains. I didn't want to wake Paul until I was sure. He woke about 20 minutes later and I was pretty sure things were really happening. We phoned my mum, who was going to be on hand in case Violet woke up and to be around for me too. By the time she arrived, just after 3am, I was having painful contractions and was using the tens machine. Paul was filling the pool so I knelt on some cushions and leant over an arm chair. Mum called the midwife and by the time she arrived, I was well and truly in my 'birthing body.' I was concentrating on breathing and everything around me seemed to disappear. Paul was great and knew exactly what I wanted.
My midwife was fantastic and just allowed me and encouraged me to take control of the whole process. The house was pretty much in silence for the whole time.
About 5.30am something changed, the pain was worse and I lost control of a couple of breaths and I needed something different so I got in the pool. I was glad I had waited until then because the warm water was just what I needed and I had a renewed energy. After a little while in the pool, I started having some gas and air. I started asking Chris when I should push. She was great and put the control back in my hands. She said only I would know what to do and to just do whatever my body needed. She said my body would do it for me if I just carried on breathing. Just before 7, I knew the baby was coming. 3 contractions, and he swam up to me. I got out of the pool and delivered the placenta.
Violet had slept through everything. Normally she is awake and in our bed around 6.30am, but she slept in until about 7.45. Perfect timing. She got to see Henry and me and Paul and to open a present from the new baby. I think it was quite magical for her to have gone to bed and woken in the morning to find her new brother downstairs.
Henry was 9.3lb and is a very hungry baby. I am feeding him constantly but thoroughly enjoying it. It is great not to feel discomfort like last time after having forceps and godknows how many stitches. Also, the feeling of satisfaction at having the birth I hoped for has put me n a high. Even the trip to hospital afterwards did not detract from the positive birth.
Thanks for everything Maureen. The Hynobirthing course definitely helped me and Paul in giving us the confidence to feel totally in control of the process.
Ruth x
Gill, Michael and Edward

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