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Hypnobirthing - A Powerful Story.

Shannon lives in the US and took my virtual HB course:

While I was pregnant with Ellis, I knew there was a chance Matt wouldn't be able to attend the birth. I also knew I would need to have tools at my disposal to achieve my goals for Ellis's birth on my own. So when
Maureen Collins
offered to teach me The Hypnobirthing Method, I jumped at the chance. Her classes helped me mentally prepare for birthing on my own or with a partner, gave me tools for managing labor, and ultimately allowed me to achieve my goals for Ellis's birth.
When it turned out that Matt couldn't be there, I was so thankful for Maureen and the wisdom she graciously bestowed upon me.

From driving myself to the hospital (while in labor!) to "catching" Ellis myself, I was ready for it all. I had an empowered, peaceful, positive birthing experience and can't recommend Maureen and The Hypnobirthing Method enough.A
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Hypnobirthing for all births.

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